Sheboygan Light Rail, harmony driven folk/rock
  Would you like to help Sheboygan Light Rail? We'd love it if you did! Please consider one
of the following:

1. Make a donation. Many times at coffee houses we play for tips only (plus the
awesome experience of performing for you!), and those tips — split five ways —
sometimes only provide us with a few dollars each. Here's your chance to drop some
dollars into our virtual tip bucket so that we can maintain our equipment, purchase
replacement equipment, produce our new CD, or just enjoy a slice of pizza after a show.
It's easy! And we'd adore you forever!
Click on the tip bucket.
Make a donation. Thank you!
2. Help us find venues. Do you know of the perfect theater or coffee house within 60
miles of Sheboygan that might host an SLR show? Do you want to host a house concert
for 20 of your closest friends? Do you have an aunt who might appreciate an SLR
performance at her birthday party? If you help us find a venue, we will send you a free
copy of our new CD (as soon as it's finished!) autographed by each of us — its future
value: priceless!

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